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Weather Policy

Severe Weather Information 

When dangerous weather conditions affect the entire area, the school will follow the directions of the Volusia County agencies responsible for public safety. Stay tuned to local radio and TV stations for information regarding school closings. When Volusia County Public Schools are closed for weather emergencies, Sacred Heart Catholic School is closed.  

Sacred Heart may, however, re-open before the public schools are able to open. While TV news programs may be contacted, they do not always make announcements as requested, so if Sacred Heart reopens earlier than Volusia County Schools, messages will be sent out via the Student Information System (Renweb-FACTS) the Sacred Heart website (, and/or the Diocesan Schools website as soon as power and phone and Internet service are restored.  

As a precaution, it may be a good idea to be sure you have updated your phone numbers and email addresses each school year. This will guarantee you to have communication with the school.  

Please remember to remain safe and take care of your family.  

Weather during school day 

When afternoon thunderstorms or other severe weather conditions arise and disrupt our normal school operations. We monitor weather conditions throughout the day and during after-school activities. If we go into a weather “lockdown” during the day, students will not be permitted to move about the campus until the weather has cleared.  

This would also apply if we had inclement weather at dismissal time. In the event of lightning at dismissal time, students will not be permitted to leave the building without a parent present. Parents are required to escort their student(s) from the classroom to their vehicle. Students will only be dismissed to parents/guardians on their pick-up list. Students in the ELC may pick up children through the main door of the ELC.  
Weather during Athletics 

Student-athletes will be brought indoors if there is a weather concern during practice and/or game. Please look for information from coaches or athletic directors regarding team sports.  

School closings   

If there is a disruption caused by inclement weather, or if school has been closed, please check your voicemail, e-mail, or listen to the TV or radio for updates. School personnel may also be sent home; therefore, please avoid calling the school for information whenever possible. In the event of emergency closings, announcements will be made as soon as possible through our automated phone and e-mail messaging system and through local television and radio news stations. We will close when Volusia County Schools close; however, our re-opening may not coincide with the county schools.