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Core Curriculum: Religion, Math, Algebra, Language Arts (Reading, English, Spelling, Handwriting), Science, Social Studies, Art, Music, Media Arts and Technology, and Physical Education classes.

Other activities: National Junior Honor Society, Mass Servers, Young People's Choir, Volleyball and Basketball, Flag Football, Soccer, Track and Cheerleading.

Measuring Up

Our Recent Standardized Test Data
The first column shows the chronological grade level. The second column indicates the grade level equivalent. This data was gleaned from the 2014/2015 administration of the ITBS. This grade equivalent is based on the standard scores from all areas assessed on the ITBS. These areas include Math, Language Arts, Social Studies and Science. 

Composite            Grade Equivalent
3                                     3.9
4                                     5.0
5                                     6.5
6                                     8.2
7                                    10.4
8                                    10.6

Each year students qualify for the DUKE Tips Talent search based on their ITBS scores. To qualify, students need to score in the 95th percentile or above in an accepted subtest of the ITBS. Of those who qualify, we regularly have students who achieve scores high enough to be recognized at the state level. This year two students from the seventh grade received state recognition for their scores on the ACT.