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Grade Level and Instruction

Prekindergarten, Primary, Intermediate, and Middle Level education

At Sacred Heart Catholic, we encourage our Pre-Kindergarten students to grow spiritually, academically, socially, and emotionally. We provide our students with a hands-on educational experience in a peaceful, nurturing, safe environment. Students participate in literacy, religion, and math lessons and more. Art lessons, craft activities, music and movement activities enhance the curriculum. Students work with technology, design with manipulatives, and communicate with classmates in a small environment. Students participate in diverse, engaging lessons and are well prepared for kindergarten. Learning comes alive with Frog Street program in the Sacred Heart Catholic School Pre-K program! 
Primary teachers at Sacred Heart Catholic School provide a warm, nurturing learning environment, while guiding students through Religion, English Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, and Science lessons. Students grow in faith by attending and planning Mass with their classmates, learning about the teachings of the Catholic Church, and growing in relationship with Jesus.   Literacy instruction includes the utilization of Super Kids  to strengthen students’ phonemic awareness and phonics skills, as well as comprehension while forming a strong language foundation. Research-based instruction includes the use of hands-on manipulatives, educational technology and engaging centers. Special Area classes, including P.E., Technology, Art, and  Music, help to encourage the education and development of the whole child.
Intermediate students are prepared for the intermediate grade levels, with a solid foundation formed during the primary years.  Third and Fourth grade classes are self contained to allow for continued focus on their individual needs.  Fifth grade students enjoy a schedule that allows them to shift classes and focus on independent learning skills. Organizational skills and study habits are encouraged in a caring environment. The scaffolded independence allows for students to grow, take risks, and become stronger academically. Students receive a strong reading curriculum from different novel studies as well as the Sadlier writing instructional and grammar tools.   Math concepts continue to build in a rigorous and collaborative environment. Social Studies and Science concepts are explored through various research, experiments, and STEM skills. Special Area teachers, including technology, the fine arts, and physical education continue to develop creative thinking, knowledge, and teamwork in the intermediate grade levels. Students continue to learn about their Catholic morals and values with a daily curriculum component from their religion teacher.  
Middle level learners
Our 6th through 8th graders are an integral part of our school community. They serve as leaders to our school community and are excellent role models for our younger students. Our primary focus is to help our middle school students facilitate a strong relationship with God and we achieve this through daily Religion class, weekly mass, prayer, and service projects. Our academic programs  in Middle School are focused on preparing a solid foundation for successful high school and college careers, with a focus on study skills and problem solving. Middle School students rotate daily through five rigorous academic classes including math, science, social studies, English and language arts, and Religion.  They enjoy physical education, the fine arts, and technology class.  The smaller class sizes of our middle school program allow our teachers to provide individualized attention and our SHS graduates prove year after year that they are very well-prepared for high school and beyond.
Clubs, Activities and Enrichment:National Junior Honor Society, Altar Servers, Mass Choir, Safety Patrol, STREAM/Technology and Robotics Club and Run Club. Catholic Youth Sports include Middle School Girls Volleyball, Girls/Boys Basketball, Elementary and Middle School Coed Soccer, Middle School Coed Flag Football, Elementary and Middle School Track. After School seasonal activities include elementary Cheerleading and Dance.