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The mission of Sacred Heart Catholic School is to integrate Catholic faith and values with learning and life, treating each student as a unique child of God in a safe, supportive, and challenging academic environment.

Sacred Heart Catholic School is committed to the four-fold purpose of Catholic Christian education:
  • To teach the gospel message revealed by Jesus and proclaimed by the Church.
  • To build a community where Christian values are modeled and developed.
  • To pray and worship together in order to foster a deep, personal relationship with Jesus.
  • To practice the Christian call to service by meeting the direct needs of the global community and by promoting principles of peace and justice.

Our vision of Catholic education is to educate the total person in a vibrant Christian community where each individual is recognized and respected, and where religious values are central. To create such an environment, the faculty and staff promote and proclaim the teachings of Jesus as the basis for the values they teach and uphold. Through emphasis on academic excellence, the school strives to help all students achieve their full potential and become moral leaders committed to the social concerns of the times.